Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's the simple things

This week wraps up my project of following and documenting our wholesome, recreational, family activities.  I will end with a testimony of simplicity as I blog about our final activity....

We've never really had a table to serve as an official puzzle-building table.  So, we haven't built any in quite some time.  Just this week we finally got a table for our family room and we immediately pulled out one of the puzzles our family was given for Christmas last year.  I cannot even remember the last time this has happened:

This activity was completely unplanned and I was thrilled beyond explanation to see my kiddos cooperating on something!  Later, daddy and I joined in on the puzzle building.  If this was the only reason we bought a new table . . . well, it's the best reason!

This fun activity reminded me that there is power in the simple things!  As I look back on all the activities that I blogged about (and some that I did not) there is one thing I've noticed throughout--a pattern of simplicity.  It was an implicit goal of mine that I didn't realize would manifest itself.  Sure, fancy outings and crazy fun family vacations have their place, but don't wait for those times to experience wonderful wholesome activities that can happen everyday.

When planning and preparing for wholesome recrational activities to engage in, remember that it doesn't have to be complicated or involved.  These moments created around the puzzle reminded me that as parents we can encourage spontaneous wholesome activities for our families by creating an environment at home that allows for it to happen at any time!  The simplest family activities can and will create the greatest memories that foster greater relationships between family members and with our Heavenly Father.  

WRA, REL200, Post 10

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Birthday America!

This was perhaps one of the most memorable July 4th's our little family has had.

The day started with a garage sale that we hosted as a family.  Friday we sorted, labeled, and organized for much of the day.  We spent the first six hours of our Saturday morning manning the garage sale, right Robyn (keeper of the petty cash)!?

It was certainly a team effort as we learned and taught how to bargain, negotiate, and sell!  Anything we didn't sell we donated to a local Goodwill.  While our garage still isn't completely cleaned out, we are a step closer!  

For lunch we BBQ'd with a family who had just moved into the ward.  While I have no pictures of that great feast we enjoyed grilled chicken, steak, ribs, and even shrimp!  There was no shortage of food or appetites!

Then is was off to my brother's house where we enjoyed some traditional partying, complete with fun eyewear:

Roman Candles and sparklers.

 But of course the highlight of the day were the grand fireworks.  My brother can set up an awesome firework display that the whole family can certainly enjoyed!

Music:  Alex Boye's "Calling America" and "American Symphony" from Mr. Holland's Opus

When working in the garage sale we had to practice moral behavior by being honest in promoting certain objects and asking a fair price for them (my middle son had a hard time learning that principle).

We were uplifted and inspired by the new friendships we made and the opportunity to celebrate the birth of our country in a simple way.  As a family we could enjoy the art of salesmanship, the cooking and consumption of good food, and pyrotechnics as a family.  All of us were able to enjoy the time we spent together--sometimes that's not an easy thing to do!

Not to mention, it was great being home by 11pm this year.

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